Brampton rapper, singer and songwriter Derin Falana (better known as “the Flan”) showcases a mix of classic R&B vibes to deep bass bangers while rapping over his latest project Live From Rocky Mountain, which has over 700, 000 thousand plays to date. There’s something about the smooth energy and effortless flow of Falana’s voice that keeps you listening, which may just have to do with his climbing numbers. Though LFRM was a 2 year process for Falana, this isn’t his first collection of hits to touch SoundCloud; in fact the 905 creative has been making music for years and gifting fans with a little something different with every release.

After a flood of leaks here and there since the drop of 905, the Brampton artist finally pushed through Live From Rocky Mountain which is arguably his best work to date. The 22 year old took to his social media platforms to express that this project was all about the pressures of his life and how his accomplishments have kept him driven. As someone who’s less than flashy when it comes to style, Live From Rocky Mounty delivers a great deal of versatility and quality behind the production of the 9 track mix. It’s most definitely a sure sign that the creative isn’t here to play games with his career and focused on sharing something special on his rise to stardom. Keep track of La Flan on this summer and be sure to give him a follow on Twitter for updates on up and coming work.