Rising R&B vocalist K.Forest is doing something special for the music scene within Toronto. Eyes of Taiga comes as Forest’s latest full length project pushing the momentum of his croning and intoxicating sound. His single  “Link” which topped off summer 16 got more and more people listening last year, and when “Guidance” was remixed and featured by Travis Scott on Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight, Forest’s fan base was set ablaze and thirsty for more from the Brampton native.

Eyes of Taiga features 11 tracks which plays upon Forest’s ability to mix into different tempos and hypnotic tones. Forest has found himself favourable in light of major music sharing platforms such as Complex, Noisey and more with his consistency. The low-key R&B singer has shown us he’s doing more than remaining moody in the dark city which has us all anticipating more from him. Recent releases “Low Low” and “Deck” which follow Eyes of Taiga, show us that Forest has no plans of slowing down any time soon, be sure to keep up with Forest through his website and Instagram for updates on new content this summer.