Atlanta seems to never fail when it comes to hauling out some of the most talented artists in the rap game. Clayton County native, Ca$tro Guapo, is one of the few making his way onto the wave but in a way different than most may assume. The down south rapper pursuing his passion for music moved to Toronto in hopes of exploring and dominating a new playing field a few years before “the 6” hype began.

A member of the CMDWN collective, Guapo’s style is easily discernible, effortlessly moulding his look into something we’re sure many imitators will be on the pursuit of in the future, some may describe it as light punk with a grimey street-style twist. In an interview with Noisey, Castro explained that coming to Toronto was a move which has helped culture him and see how individual tastes can mesh and create something different; the potential to bring varying tastes into harmony has evidently influenced Guapo’s style and how he vibes. Used to the high energy head banging that Atlanta is known for, Guapo indefinitely experienced a culture shock coming to Toronto know for it’s dark sound, deep base and eerie vocals. The creative describes his experience as so, “I’m used to a high energy level when I go to record, and the system that I use to make music goes off of a feeling, like I know that this will be a hit when I make it”.  These changes clearly haven’t limited Tyndale, who’s quickly learnt that bringing a bit of Atlanta to Toronto, has been nothing short of beneficial to his career.

Frequently being associated with CMDWN member, Fiji (best known for his melodic flow on “Glo”), some of Castro’s best heat has been in line with the Toronto artist. The CMDWN collective released their first full length project under the label together this April, Atlanda (now available for stream), a 13 track feature which brings both sounds together for a mixture of turnt and laidback bangers. The collaboration comes as no surprise with the success of “What’s Her Name?” which made waves summer 2015. Fresh on the scene yet still persistent by showing us consistency is his forte, there’s no doubt in our minds that Guapo will be onto something major this year. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram for updates.