Toronto isn’t simply funnelling out artists, they’ve been there working from the old to the new, and it’s just now that the world is taking notice. Moody R&B artist, 12AM is one of the few faces who’s vibe is slowly but surely being picked up by the masses. With a few tracks on his SoundCloud helping the attention accumulate, 12AM is steadily on a mission to hold our grip.

Staying true to the mellow vibes which TDOT has become infamous for, 12am’s sound is highly similar to the likes of artists such as Majid Jordan, Lais Lavish and Nav. A lot of discussion on lust and narcotics seems to be at the centre of this young creators doing who has kept out of the lime light and worked towards putting his music on the forefront. Just a few weeks back his track “White Winter”, made a premiere on Beats1Radio proving that his patience was worth the wait. After 3 years of low key movements working with the Funeral Crew, 12AM has been debuting tracks which he feels are the emotional push needed to get the people going. 12AM’s voice surely doesn’t disappoint and there’s a little something special in him that’s kept a hold, be sure to give the creative a follow on Twitter for updates in the near future.