Toronto born, Oklahoma raised Drew Howard (better known as 88Camino) is dabbling in turning around the sound of New Toronto. This is one creative who isn’t afraid to get weird with what he’s working with and his versatile persona shines through every production.

Initially influenced by Lil Wayne’s early 2004 hit, Go DJ, Camino became inspired by the rap game and decided to play with his love of music in his early teens. Upon returning to Canada, Howard was connected with Toronto’s very own Jazz Cartier (Jacuzzi La Fleur) and Derek Wise (Tripp Fontaine) who he’d eventually form a grouping with. The 6 known for a number of strong collectives, from OVO to iXXi and everything in between, welcomed the trio as Get Home Safe. Though they thrive individually the venture still stands in place in 2016. In an interview with Noisey, Howard explained that addressing himself as 88Camino came from “88 being an infinite number it looks the same in any direction. And “camino” means journey in Spanish, so when it comes together it’s an infinite journey. It’s just basically my ideology and perspective on life—it’s an infinite journey.”

Howard’s outlook on consistently maturing and thriving has been more apparent in recent recent productions. As someone whose first take off came from a collaboration with Brampton’s D-Pryde, Howard though grateful for the accomplishment, felt boxed in and conventional working on hip-pop tracks. Rather than pursuing a mainstream path, Drew Howard focused on becoming an independent unit and creating a vibe authentic to his taste. The bond created with Get Home Safe allowed him to grow as an artist and has showed face in his productions. With an eclectic sound which holds its own taste and is quickly luring in a new fan base, the You’re Not My Mans rapper in recent month has debuted two successful projects “Social Suicide” and “” via Soundcloud. Camino’s sound is exciting and innovative making him one of the most talked about voices coming out of the city and definitely one to look out for in 2016.