The UK must have something in the water, in recent years the Grime scene has crossed into the North American border and made it’s own wave but a number of R&B, hip hop and rap artists are making their mark in the music industry along the way.

British pandemonium is on another scale compared to American stardom and the belief is that if one knows how to make it in the UK, the North American scene is theirs to conquer. 17 year old Roman Yasin is one of the many R&B/hip hop acts with a drive and passion to be the next on in the game.

Based in Cardiff, the young creator has linked with a range of artists ranging from Tory Lanez, Ramriddlz, down to Dot Da Engineer for mentorship. As he works on his debut album, premiering this winter, Roman has released “Think About Me” in anticipation of what’s to come.”Think About Me” produced by Mantra and mastered by Dot Da Engineer, is a swooning pop R&B track about letting go of a past love. This track is easy to catch onto and showcases the start of Roman’s capabilities as a budding mainstream artist, it’s only the beginning for Yasin but we’re excited to see what will come this fall for him as he makes his way and creates a sound signature to his talent.