Joseph Junior Adenuga, better known by his stage name “Skepta”, hailing in from Tottenham is back on a wave with the recent debut of “Man (Gang)”, the newest single on his 5th studio album, Konnichiwa, is off the richter and a current favourite on RegalChiz. As one of the founding fathers of BBK (BoyBetterKnow), he’s has branded himself as one of the most respected rap artists in the UK and now he’s making his way overseas in North America.

Just this past February, OVO 6God, Drake, signed to the grime label and made himself better known as the first Canadian artist to sign to BBK. The move for both Drake and Skepta was a turn of events no one could call in the music industry bringing two very different sounds and brands together. The duo has been linked together several times, with their most notable tie to Konnichiwa single “Shutdown” where the Toronto natives infamous “Marquee quote ” sets the tone for the banger. We’re not too sure what the pair has up their sleeves for the future but we can guarantee Skepta has more fire coming out as a solo artist with the debut of Konnichiwa May 6th.  Be sure to give the single a listen and follow Skepta for tour updates.


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