THEY. is non stop and back at it again with a turnt up single titled “Say When”. A few months back, RegalChiz put the up and coming duo as a group to be on the lookout for.

After the release of their 3 track EP, Nu Religion, THEY. garnered quite a bit of attention from the music industry. It wasn’t long before we started seeing the pair touring worldwide alongside Louisville’s, Bryson Tiller on the TrapSoul Tour. THEY., proved themselves out to be more than an opening act who was long forgotten when the main act hit the stage, bloggers, fans, and music junkies raved about the must hear and see act worldwide. “Say When” comes as the latest release from the two just in time for the summer to heat up. This track goes absolutely crazy playing with their distinct R&B meets rock and electro sound, heavy on the synth. The 3 minute track is guitar heavy and feels electrifying with every note. Definitely a step into the hype direction, fans who loved “Motley Cru” will be all over the new track which follows a similar suit in sound but speaks on political issues suggestive of police brutality and civilian retaliation. Give it a listen and be sure to follow Love & Jones on Twitter for updates on the release of their up and coming album.