Tommy Paxton Beasley, better known as River Tiber, has debuted his new LP Indigo, a week earlier than its set release date on Apple Music. The Toronto creative who has worked with the likes of artists such as Kaytranda, Travis Scott, Pusha T and more and is now shining on his own full time on the 12 track record.

Synth heavy and dense with endless harmonies, this album is best for a kickback and deep reflection. Tiber keeps guest features at a minimum having only 2 of the 12 singles  accompanied by another artist (Daniel Caeser and Tess Parks) allowing new and old fans to enjoy Beasley in his entirety. You can officially stream and purchase the record on Apple Music and find out more about River here.

Indigo Tracklist

1. Genesis

2. No Talk

3. Acid Test

4. Midnight

5. West (feat. Daniel Caeser)

6. Motives

7. Barcelona

8. Clarity (feat. Tess Parks)

9. I’m A Stone

10. Maria

11. Green In Blue

12. Flood