Exploring her passion for photography at a young age,

Lexis Rother was used to being addressed by her birth name by everyone around her.

It wasn’t long before she realized that she needed to distinguish herself from other artists in the industry.
Not one for gimmicks, Lexis decided that she needed an alias that would stick with her identity while her work did the rest of the talking.

While having some downtime in a kitchen with her sister’s boyfriend, she noticed that his Rolex coincidentally almost spelt out her full name (RO – the last LEX – the first…an X would later be added for taste); Rolex’s, being put in line with wealth by society and an urban motif of success and finally being put “on”, gave Lexis the feeling she wanted people to experience when she’d collaborate with them.

Lexis Rother, the guvvie, was then no more and the streets would know this LA native as Rolexx.

I had the chance to get to know the gifted photographer beyond her lens and found out her inspiration for effortlessly delivering dope art.

Catching up with Rolexx in this exclusive interview

C: How have you distinguished yourself from other artists and photographers? I feel like there have been a few times when I’ve seen a photo post floating on IG or Tumblr from a show and before I even clicked the tag I thought it looked like some of your work having followed you for a while now.

R: I think what separates myself from other photographers and artists is definitely my approach on the industry, I’m a 19 year old girl & literally just post photos that I like and I always take advantage of every opportunity I get. I think a lot of photographers want to take photos like other photographers and I wanna take photos of how I want to take photos.
I’m definitely in the process of finding my style so that’s a super dope compliment about seeing a photo and already knowing I took it. I’ve shot a few concerts so far and a lot of those artists have posted my photos from Kehlani, Bryson Tiller, and even Travis Scott. It was super humbling and gave me a lot of confidence. I just try to take photos that I like and that all I really do, there’s no special technique or secret.

Tiller- Texas

C: It’s dope you’ve had the chance to shoot some of the biggest names in the industry right now and received credit where it’s due. You’ve had the opportunity to work with so many different types of artists and people, what have been some of your favourite projects?

R: My favorite project would be working on the Trapsoul cover because I had been wanting to work with Bryson (Tiller) and was a fan of his music. We shot all the photos in the hard copy CD booklet and the cover all in one house that I hadn’t even been to before. I just showed up and we started shooting. I knew I wanted something moody for him so I brought in some lights and we literally just got creative from there. I think that’s when your best work comes alive… Planning ahead is always good but improvising can be just as good if not surprisingly better. After getting the cover done seeing it on iTunes and in Best buy was just everything, like for the first time my photo had came to life and it will forever be the Trapsoul cover.

C: Listening to the album throughout and having a chance to look through the CD booklet, the imagery really helped give a feel of the emotions and vibes Tiller put into his music.
That’s a huge opportunity, especially with the success of the album, how did you end up working on the Trapsoul cover with (Bryson) Tiller?

R: Bryson and I met via social media in June and we wanted to plan to shoot but since he was back and forth from LA to KY it was prolonged a lot. We would exchange ideas over a few months and then one day he called me and asked if I could do his cover when he came back to LA that week in August so I did. It was very organic relationship it was super dope.

Tiller x Travis

C: Now that you’ve seen your work is gaining the recognition you’ve worked for what are some future projects or artists you aspire to work with? Should we keep an eye out for Rolexx working specifically in the music industry or expanding into another platform?

R: Right now I’m honestly just letting people kind of discover me as an artist and a creator. I don’t want to force anyone to work with me I really like natural and mutual relationships/friendships. I really like working with musicians just because it’s super dope to be apart of their journey and give them an element of photography that they need. I want to be very efficient on being able to see an artist personally through the photos I take.

IG - @ro.lexx

IG – @ro.lexx

Rolexx’s main craft is photography but the pursuit to expand her craft is always growing. With a website and plenty of projects on the agenda including a visual piece with singer, Samaria, we think it’s only a matter of time before she breaks ground and lines up with some of the best photographers in the game. You can catch Rolexx on tour with the TRAPSOUL family over the next few months, check out her Tumblr and Instagram for a look at some of the magic she’s produced.