Self-dubbed “actor turned sanga” , AJ Saudin is turning over a new leaf when it comes to being a performer in the entertainment industry. You may be familiar with the R&B singer as gifted student, Connor DeLaurier, from Degrassi: The Next Generation, but he’s most definitely grown up since his days as the school geek. Saudin fans have noted that the 24-year-old R&B singer, has gone from a busted tv show character to eye candy with an eclectic style behind him.

With two projects fresh out of the oven, the Sauga artist is making sure he’s not only seen but heard by a strong potential fan base. First came Before I Met You and now more recently, A MidSummer’s Daydream, which is finally beginning to build a strong follow-up on music sharing platforms. Saudin’s sound, which creates lush vibes, is far more centered on making real-life experiences feel like fantasy, is weaved into the 4 track EP turned playlist. 2017 is the start of creating a foundation for the creative and we’re sure in the new year we’re in for more for more of Saudin’s sound.