The GTA’s  ToBi Aji isn’t your average rapper. A tough artist to put into a box, the 22 year old creative combines rapping and singing to flow through a number of genres from R&B, to electro and even jazz. The ability to move fluidly through several genres just might be what distinguishes ToBi from the other voices scaling the industry.

Formerly featured on RegalChiz at the premiere of his single ““iNDECiSiONs” it was made clear that the artist formerly known for his freestyle rapping had evolved and was taking no breaks behind the scenes as he pieced together this project. The production quality showcased on FYi surpasses your conventional mixtape. FYi gives back to the city culture by way of funding and support from the Toronto Arts Council, the 7 track EP curated by ToBi and producer, Nate Smith, is quickly catching numbers on several music sharing platforms from SoundCloud to Spotify for its production, content and sound quality. ToBi’s FYi displays the authenticity and originality behind the Brampton performers style which no other artist is putting forward from the city. Listen down below and keep up with the “Deeper” creator on Twitter for updates.