Dj Khaled has the world sprung off of his interestingly pieced slang. Most notably key phrases like “major key” “they don’t want to see you (insert verb)” and “bless up thank you”. This time around Get Home Safe’s, Drew Howard and Derek Wise have teamed up to give praise to the most high for “Anuva Wun”, a play on Khaled’s famous tagline “another one” which sent him skyrocketing to social media stardom last year.

Plenty of artists attempt to capitalize on growing social trends and fall short by mistaking imitation for innovation, but Howard and Wise have put a grimy twist on the catch phrase which feels authentic and they can claim as their own. “Anuva Wun”, produced by Alexonweed, goes off and makes you want to get hype in any setting, referencing their growing success and multiplying assets, it’s hard not to feel bossed up banging out the new single. Take a listen down below and be sure to follow the Get Home Safe creatives for more up and coming collaborations.