17 Year Old Ebhoni Ogarro is no stranger to RegalChiz. The soulful singer has been featured prior for her viral singles “Bye Baby” produced XELΛRΛIN and “Time”, both very futuristic love songs have set the precedent for what standard the R&B singer has the potential to produce.



Mood Ring sets off Ebhoni’s spring 17 debut with a long list of R&B essentials we’ve all been missing. Though it’s only 8 track long, the EP features some favoured singles such as “Time” and continues to carry on her signature upbeat vocals with misty sensuality.

Even though she’s only 17, Ebhoni presents herself with a boasting confidence that can’t be challenged with plenty of dialogue based around her romantic relationships, a refreshing sound for the season we’re sure Mood Ring is the EP to have on your R&B, pop playlists. Ebhoni presents herself as a force to be reckoned with her consistency and high calibre of delivery, with this persistence we’re sure she’s someone to keep your eye on in 2017, be sure to give the EP a listen via Soundcloud and follow the artist on Twitter for frequent updates.