Vine has become one of the largest networks for new faces to establish themselves on social media, just a few years ago popular Vin-er WolfTyla established her brand the “Wolf Movement” from her viral videos. The Wolf Movement was created by Tyla in order to change the meaning of self-expression and give the youth a platform of encouragement to be comfortable with self expression. In an interview with ILS magazine back in 2014, Tyla explained a bit more about the meaning behind the Wolf Movement stating that; “The core meaning of “wolf movement” and its motives are to be yourself, not care what others think of you, keep your mind open, analyze the things that are getting you angry and refrain from that anger (“find your chill”), also to spread positivity.”

Her vines showcase an outlandish and vibrant personality which quickly gained her traction on social media and has benefited her in several platforms, including clothing line collaborations to a spot in Toronto artist, Tory Lanez’s, hit single video “Say It“. Wolf’s talents clearly extends beyond creating videos, she’s also a singer and songwriter and released solo single “Feels” less than half a year ago. Her sound is serene and hangs onto some chill vibes. The New York native is discrete about her projects via social media but we can see she’s working and can’t wait to hear more from the up and coming artist.