Very few artists can make a break away from a grouping once the set has reached peak success and maintain lustre as an individual. Every now and then, a Beyonce or Justin Timberlake will make their way out of an empire moulded by a large collective and ensure you never forget their name or sound of their voice. Well it looks like Zayn of former boy band, One Direction, just Justin Timberlake’d us on his own accord.

Within a year of announcing his separation from One Direction for personal reasons, Zayn was grinding and creating buzz around the potential he had as a solo artist. From a single produced by Naughtyboy to rumours of PND collabs, Zayn’s name has stayed up on most major music news sources. With the debut single and video of Pillowtalk creating a major storm, the anticipation for “Mind of Mine” was nearly unbearable and to no surprise, the 23 year old did not disappoint.

Zayn’s vocals are distinctly melodic and “Mind of Mine” which is a 18 track long album allows for the versatility of his sound to work through a variety of productions. Zayn pounds out high tones of seriously sensual R&B and Soul with the odd upbeat pop feel which older fans may be accustomed to. Though he once appeared to be more soft spoken in his younger days, Zayn’s album does all the talking for his growth. No longer is he singing for fan girls who idolize the idea of puppy love, Zayn is a grown man, full of experience and willing to get naked with us on Mind of Mine. In Zayn’s first solo cover story with Fader he emphasized that he wanted to make “cool shit” and here at RegalChiz we can confirm that’s exactly what happened on this album. This is an album you can vibe to with your friends on a late night car ride, down to the type of album which you can put on in  your most intimate moment with your partner. Malik is surely proving himself as a solo artist who hit the ground running with room for improvement and minus the usage of MSN messenger typing as song titles, we are indulging in every single. We’ve ranked 6 favourite listens for those of you who can’t sit through 18, make sure you stream the album now on Spotify or Download it via iTunes today.

ZAYN: Mind of Mine Initial Review
Mind of Mine is a mixture of upbeat and sensual R&B, this easy listen is a display of the power in consistent production. More vocal variety in lyrical content from Malik would have taken the album to even higher ground. Mind of Mine is a 4 star listen and we can't wait to hear more from Zayn.
wRoNg (feat. Kehlani)9
iT's YoU 9
8.5Overall Score